What I’m Not Baking

It’s my youngest son’s birthday today. He’s officially hit teenagerhood. I offered to make him a birthday dinner. Anything he wants. “No thanks.” We eat together as a family at least five nights a week. Most of those meals are made by me, from scratch. So, a family dinner isn’t special for him. “What about a cake?” He shrugged. “Nah.” I love baking. Right now there are brownies on the counter. Last week there was a pile of molasses-spice cookies in the jar.

What he wants is a store-bought ice cream cake. So, that’s exactly what he’s getting. With sprinkles.


  1. My three kids are all in college now,but your story reminds me of my kids. I made my kids the best school lunches, so good that other kids would ask them if they could bring an extra for them. My kids would beg for Lunchables. Go figure

  2. Too funny! You got off easy this year! Terry, looks blustery there..is it?

    • Donna- overcast, but no rain :( Hot, too, in the 80’s. Strange summer. A sugar maple in the neighborhood has already turned to brilliant yellow – more than a month early! Hay is going to be expensive this winter!

  3. HMMMM good, all of it including the store bought ice cream cake ;-)

    Terry and my fear is it’s going to be a long long cold winter which not only means hay will be expensive but so will my natural gas bill.

    • Yes, I think that about the winter, too. The acorns have already dropped – but that’s all about what the weather is doing now, than what will happen in a few months. One never knows. What I do know is that there’s going to be some weakened large trees if this drought continues. Burden those with an ice storm, and it’s going to be a disaster!

  4. We don’t have ice cream cake here and I had to look it up. I now see why we lost our Empire and you lot are now the rulers of the Free World – it looks impossibly delicious and is clearly an indicator of a country at the peak of civilisation! The nearest thing we have is something from my childhood called Arctic Roll which has recently re-appeared after decades due to a public outcry. I’m going to have to buy one tomorrow… Happy Birthday to that Boy too!

    • The “arctic roll” reminds me of the ice cream cake that I got at Howard Johnson’s when I was little. I LOVED that cake. It has since gone the way of HoJo’s and the newer versions aren’t anywhere near as good.
      I couldn’t find a really good ice cream cake today at the supermarket – one with a cake layer and the ice cream – but there was a new product – ice cream cake cupcakes, which look delicious. So, with that invention, will continue to rule the free world :) Son and husband are coming home in minutes, and we’ll eat them up. I’ll have to report back if they taste as good as they look.

  5. Are the camera’s offline this morning? It is Thursday, august 19. Hope all is well. How were the ice cream cupcakes> Also- no DQ in your area? they have awesome icecream cakes, as does Baskin and Robbins.

    • No local DQ! I grew up with Carvel cakes, but they’re not as good as I remember. Cold Stone Creamery has really good cakes. I ended up buying Friendly’s ice cream cupcakes at the supermarket. My son loved them. Lots of sprinkles :)
      (Cameras are fine – possible a problem on your end?)