HenBlog is a Blog of the Week!

One of the blogs  that I follow is written by a chain of garden centers in the U.K. (Or, as it’s spelled there, “centres.”) It’s informative with a touch of humor, and I enjoy seeing the products and plants that they offer for sale.  Also, Dobbies has have an extensive line of coops and chicken keeping paraphernalia in stock in their stores. I wish we had that here! Wouldn’t it be nice if, when I go to pick up some fall mums, that I could pick up some poultry nutri-drops, too?

So, I am especially pleased that HenBlog is Dobbie’s Blog of the Week!

By the way, they maintain a list of chicken blogs. Enjoy!


  1. Just found your website and cams from the Concord Journal article. Wonderful find. As I live in a condo, keeping my own chickens is not possible. Now I can watch your girls and continue to buy my eggs and meat from Pete & Jens. Next best thing! We also have some little ones in the family who will enjoy your books and Celia Hart’s when they are old enough.

  2. Congratulations to Terry and the girls! HenBlog is not only Dobbie’s Blog of the Week, but mine, too, and I would extend that week to the years I have been delighted, entertained and educated by the goings-on at Little Pond Farm as seen on the HenCam!

  3. And as on Dobbies(dot)com: “ ‘the most famous backyard chicken farm in the world’, according to Current Science Magazine.” That’s pretty cool, too!

    Congratulations, Terry!