Landscaping for Goats

What I do for my goats. Or, rather, what I pay others to do for my goats. I live in New England. I’ve got some big rocks on my property. Sadly, for the goats, none were in their pasture. So, last week, I had the crew from Rudy’s come and fix that.

It took three guys with a bobcat to get the job done.

The goats immediately tried out the new play space. Doesn’t everyone look happy?


  1. How cute is that? Don’t ya love it when they appreciate all your work instead of just ignoring it?

  2. We had a pair of goats when I was very little named Billy and Nanny, very imaginative names. They were both killed by a bobcat. I’d have some now if I had the land.

  3. It’ll be worth it those first chilly mornings this fall when they get full of energy and run around the pasture, bounce off one rock, hit the next one, and then twist in the air. It’s amazing how even older goats do that. Having rocks to play on is also great for keeping their hooves healthy.

  4. What a thoughtful, much appreciated project! As I look into my backyard, I realize that it would make an ideal goat paddock with all its boulders rising above the granite ledge our lot is on. My low budget thoughtful contribution, however, was to scratch up a patch of lawn near the birdbath (underneath the berry-ripe mulberry tree)to give the robin families easy access to worms and a place to take their beloved dirt baths.