Odd Egg of the Week


What is this?

a) a giant’s tic-tac mint

b) a horse pill

c) an egg laid by Siouxie

You’re right! The answer is C. It’s the odd egg of the week.


  1. Your site is delightful and so are you and your hens.
    I plan to visit your hen cam often.
    I have been raising hens for over 20 years and truly enjoy them.
    When my husband walks in with the eggs each day…..he tells me he has some girl pearls for me.
    If you click the link below you can view a slideshow of our hens set to music.
    (Don’t let the song alarm you…..we don’t eat our hens, we love them.”
    LuAnn in Oregon

  2. Honestly Terry..It DOES look like a giant’s tic-tac! Same exact shape! Too funny!

  3. I love it…. to me it show the unique personality of each Chick….lol