The Hay Rack

Yesterday, Steve moved the hay rack from the corner, which was out of view of the GoatCam, to the wall, so that you can watch the goats eat. Which they do. A lot.

The boys were delighted with the activity.

Look, Caper, that man moved the hay rack!

hay rack discussion

If I stretch, I can reach the hay on the top. Top hay is the best.


The goats, being goats, pushed their investigations to the limit. Each managed to leap into the rack. Although goats have a reputation for being agile, mine are not. Maybe it’s their bellies, bloated with hay. I’ve seen them fall off of logs. Really. So, although they did get onto the rack, it was not graceful, and then they got stuck. Sorry I don’t have a photo. I was too busy laughing and untangling them.

Steve got out a board, nailed it to the side of the rack and blocked their access. We think. But, they are goats, so don’t believe that innocent look. They’re thinking up more adventures.



  1. I was pleasantly surprised and glad to find the hay rack moved to better view the adventures of eating by the boys. Thanks for the little distractions from our everyday of work life.

  2. How beautiful! This first photo deserves an award. Now it’s more fun to see the goats eating.

  3. Your pictures and post were a wonderful way to start my workweek- thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you, Steve. I enjoy seeing the goat boys feeding from the hay rack which is now visible on camera. I think you have 2 budding actors with lots of personality!