Things to Come in 2010

I have plenty of New Year’s resolutions. There’s the usual how to be a better person promises. You don’t need to hear the details. Always boring to tell. But I’ve also got some much more interesting than that stuff planned for HenCam in 2010.

Next week I’ll be adding a new page to HenCam – FAQs! I’ll post about ten Frequently Asked Questions. I already have a few written, including, “Cold Weather Care” and “Help! My Chicken Looks Sick!” Steve has written one on HenCam technical specs. What would you like to read?

Also, for the New Year, I’ll be opening a “store.” Some of you have asked about HenCam hats and t-shirts and such. Would you wear a HenCam baseball cap? Drink from a mug with Pip’s picture? Want notecards? A bumper sticker? I’m open to suggestions.

We’re also working on a *free* ring-tone featuring Marge’s loud complaining. Won’t that be fun to download to your phone!

All the Best in the New Year-

Terry and the crowd at Little Pond Farm


  1. All this sounds great & very exciting! Can’t wait for the store – I would most definitely wear HenCam swag! (You do know about CafePress right?)

    Love the ringtone idea! I currently have a ringtone called “Chicken Impossible” that is the Mission Impossible theme sung by chickens! It is hilarious!

    Looking forward to the new additions!

  2. Terry,

    Really like your idea of new pages.

    I wondered about your cold care of chickens myself and thought of asking you in an email. It sure looks colder there than in my city (Raleigh, NC) but despite the lack of snow it is really cold! Waterers freezing left and right.

    I know there are many out there like myself whom truly enjoy and appreciate your site. Thanks!


  3. The ringtone sounds fun – Tarragon our Araucana boy can supply an early morning wake-up ringtone. Can you hear him? ;-)

    The coldest winter here for many many years. We’ve brought the water drinker into the kitchen overnight so it doesn’t freeze solid. Off to the feed merchant this morning to get more mixed corn – they’re getting through it as night-fuel. We’ve also noticed that the egg yolks are paler, the girls have been eating mostly pellets and corn as the grass has been snow covered or frozen for weeks.

    Stay safe in the winter weather
    Must pop back and look at your goats later :-)

  4. I went out last night and closed off my two vents with newspaper and duct tape. It got down to zero last night with 20 mph wind. This morning I noticed ice crytals on the ceiling and windows. I know moisture is BAD, but I with the heat lamp and closed vents the temp went from 18 degrees to 29 degrees in the coop in just three hours. They looked so much more comfortable at the higher temp. What to do, What to do.

    • I bet it’s not too moist for them yet. Though it does sound like they’re getting spoiled :) My hens have weathered 0 degree temps fine, but my husband can’t bear it and puts a heat lamp out there for them.

  5. I certainly would purchase a “Capricious Coffee Cup” for my morning java. Nothing greater would prompt me to “rise and shine” on time, comb through my “hair standing on end” while watching the antics of Pip on The HenCam! Cindy

    (footnote) Origin:
    “Capricious comes, via French, from Italian capriccio, a shivering, a shudder, finally (influenced by Italian capra, goat) a whim, from capo, head (from Latin caput) + riccio, hedgehog (from Latin ericius). The basic idea is that of a head with hair standing on end, like the spines of a hedgehog.”

  6. Oh My Gosh! I live in Northern Alberta and my chickens weather -40 cold snaps just fine!

    I have them in an insulated chicken coop … I put 4 rabbits as well as 1 big turkey and they stay toasty warm. They dont lay at all over the winter as its way to cold.

    • Goodness! I’ll stop complaining about cold temps here. Never mind your animals, how do you stay warm??? I just finished writing my FAQ on hot weather care. Chickens (and rabbits) suffer far more in heat than cold.

      • LOL .. We dress in a lot of layers, the animals get extremely warm fluffy coats and the chickens get locked into a small warm space. Extra feed is also a big part of keeping them warm.

        I really like the idea of your webcams .. I am going to install some as well .. It will help me when my goats are close to kidding. Right now .. i run outside every 2 hours to check on them .. but if I had a camera in there I could watch them from the warmth of my house.