Rabbit Weather

It’s going to snow at least 4 inches today. Maybe 8. There will be high winds. Then we’ll get sleet on top of it. The goats, despite their furry coats, do not like it. Pip looks out, but you can tell by the expression on his face that he is not pleased.

not me

The chickens stay indoors.

But, wait, who is this going outside?

candy in chicken door

Yes, it’s Candy. She like to warm up in the company of the chickens. She drinks from the heated waterer. But she also likes snow. She likes to hop in it, build tunnels, and sit on mounds of it, surveying her domain. It’s nice to have an animal who likes this weather. That’s one of the benefits of keeping animals – going into the moment with them. I once had a dog who loved to leap up and snap at snow as I shoveled it. We had fun. Shoveling is more of a burden now that she’s gone.

Although Candy has a thick layer of fur (and a roll of fat under that!) there are still chores that are specific to winter rabbit care. Because she is a lop-eared rabbit, her ears drag in the  snow. She can’t pin them against her fur to keep them warm. Like caring for a rooster’s comb, when the temperature drops, I smear them with vaseline. Also, like chickens, she needs to be out of biting wind and driving ice. If I know a storm is coming I’ll cover the hutch with a plastic tarp to keep the snow from blowing in. Candy can also take shelter in her  wooden house that’s in the hutch. In the winter, I give her extra hay to burrow in. Her water dispenser freezes solid, quickly, in the cold. I’ll bring out fresh water a couple of times a day. But, Candy always has access to water, since she shares the heated waterer with the hens. Lastly, I make sure that she has plenty of rabbit food, and supplement that with greens and carrots. All of this care seems to be working. Candy is healthy, active and loving this weather. Thanks for that perspective, Candy!

candy in hutch


  1. This blog is really wonderful. We have knowledge and a lot of tenderness and love for the little animals. Thank you, Terry …

  2. Brrr! Glad I am not there but it is very cold here in Central California and our kitty says it is nice to have a nice warm house to be in. I feed a feral kitty, for the last five years,v but he still will not let me touch him. I have tried and tried. I made him a shelter but he said thank you very much I have a place. He is big and has lots of fur so guess he is doing ok. I love hearing and watching all your guys.

  3. I just looked on the hencam and there was Candy hopping around in the snow! What a lovely sight! She has the whole run to herself, all the hens are indoors.

    • And doesn’t she look self-satisfied that she has the kingdom all to herself? But, it’s raining now so she won’t be so happy.

  4. I LOVE this blog! I never saw it before but I am so glad that I found it. I will put a link to you on my blog roll. Looking forward to visiting often!


    Nancy K.

  5. Yep, I love this site too, the animals are all so cute, and I have learned alot. Today I put some vasoline on my brahmas comb because its freezing! She seemed to enjoy, Thanks Terry :)

  6. Hello. I just found your blog through Bluff Country Backyard Chickens. It’s great to find an expert! We’ve kept chickens less than a year, and We’re still learning. But we’re having lots of fun with them. I’ll be sticking around!!