The Traveling Hen

On Thursday I took one of my “actresses who plays Tillie” (in this case, Coco) for a drive.

traveling hen

It was a long trip – 130 miles each way – but Coco was quite comfortable. Some hens do not like to leave the coop. My Australorps get upset if they are brought into a different section of the barn! Some hens don’t like to leave their friends. I couldn’t possibly take Marge somewhere without her best buddy, Petunia. But, my Bantam White Leghorns have no problem leaving the flock. The three of them all have prima donna attitudes and I think they like the individual, doting attention. Their traveling accommodation is comfortable and bedded with hay, which keeps them secure even around tight corners (not that I speed!)  All of the food is theirs and theirs alone. Besides, they like being handled.

So, Coco settled in and we drove to the Springfield, VT library where Coco was the star of a Chicken Discovery Hour.

Here she is, doing what she does best, sitting calmly in my hand while being admired and stroked by children (the librarians always pet her, too!)

Tillie in Springfield

If you would like me and one of my hens to come to your preschool, school or library, email. Coco is up for another trip.

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