Odds and Ends

I thought you might want a catch-up and follow-up on the animals here at Little Pond Farm.

Although Eggers is better (she’s eating, drinking and hustles outside when there are treats) she still doesn’t seem vigorous to me. Partly, it’s because she’s on the very bottom of the pecking order, and so spends her days avoiding everyone. But, I don’t think that’s it entirely. Bantam White Leghorns are active, cheerful-looking birds. Eggers doesn’t seem to have that joie de vivre. Some chickens sulk when they molt. Yes, that’s anthropomorphic, but accurate. If your chicken is grumpy, you know it. Eggers is in a mood. I just don’t know if it’s health-related or not. I continue to keep a close eye on her.

Candy is six years old, and although some bunnies live much longer, she’s getting to the end of a normal rabbit life span. She’s now almost deaf, and so doesn’t have alert bunny behavior. She’s also quite confident and safe in her surroundings, so she doesn’t startle easily. Yesterday she was sprawled out in the sun – flat out on her side – legs stuck out. Honestly, she looked dead. But I could see her nose twitching and if I got close enough, I bet I could have heard her snore. Chickens were scratching nearby, but even chickens know not to wake a sleeping bunny, especially one that is on the top of the pecking order. Eventually, Candy roused herself, shook and hopped up. She looked quite refreshed after her nap.

By the way, we’ve removed the shade tarp that hung over her hutch in the summer. Now she can sunbathe in the doorway. We’ve also tacked black plastic to the sides of the the hutch, so her home is winterized.

After a false start of trying to integrate the punk rock girls into the big barn, they are doing fine in with the HenCam flock. They’ve even discovered that they are in the middle of the pecking order, not the bottom. Joy! No one has pecked their heads for a week. However, they’ve turned the roosting routine topsy-turvy. They now sleep where Marge and Petunia used to perch. The leghorns, instead of being on the second rung, now crowd into a nesting box.  The social order is settling out, but it’s not done yet.

I’ve got a long list of names for the new girls but am having the hardest time deciding. Yes, they do look like Phyllis Diller, and I remember thinking her very funny when I was young, but, honestly, that woman got way too scary after all of her cosmetic surgery. I like the name Lady Ga Ga, but my teenager said he’d be mortified if I named a hen that. He doesn’t mind Siouxie. Go figure. I promise to have them named by the end of the week.

The goat boys have done such a good job eating the brambles and golden rod that I spent yet another $150 on more electric fencing so that they could get to the further reaches of the meadow. Meanwhile, I bought ridiculously expensive pasture seed (timothy and alfalfa) to plant where the boys cleared. They’d rather eat weeds, so I don’t know why I bothered.

We’re having a particularly beautiful autumn. I hope you’re enjoying it from wherever you are.


  1. I am happy that your having a beautiful fall, ours STINKS (I have another word but I refrained). It’s the wettest October on recored here. Fall is my favorite time of the year and I always take a week of vacation (which I took the week of the 12th) and it rained 5 of the 7 days.
    By the way it’s raining here again today.

    • Ken- it sounds like you’re having the weather that we had this past spring. It was awful! It’s hard to look forward to winter, but maybe it’ll be sparkly and pretty?

  2. Candy could have a great 4-7 more years of life as she is safe and well cared for!! Is she spay?? I rescued a neutered boy bunny last year who is 10 plus years old. He has lived outside his whole life and still lives outside in a safe area. Although he is mostly blind and has arthritis he is still a very happy go lucky guy who loves his sweet treats and his girlfriend.

    • That’s great to hear. Yes, she’s spayed. She’s feeling older – a tad bony – you know how older animals feel different. Not skinny, just more angular. Any suggestions for winter treats to keep her warm and filled out?

      • Give her lots of hay!! They love to burrow into the hay and sleep inside of the pile. Give her lots of veggies & a little extra pellets. I posted a photo of my old boy who’s name is Moby on your FB page. He’s a 10 lbs Californian.

  3. How about “Tina” for one of the new girls, as in Tina Turner? Her hairdo looks just like her!

  4. If you never see me post again it’s because I floated away. It started raining around noon and is suppose to rain nonstop until tomorrow around noon. UP to 8 inches of rain in some parts of Arkansas, Missouri and Illinois.

    Love the names you picked out for the new girls.