A Bad Hair Day

Despite the 92 degree weather, (that’s 33 degrees Celsius. HOT.) Candy is shedding out her summer coat and growing in her thicker winter wear. I’d love to give her a good brushing, but she hates that. To comb her out, I have to wrap her in a cloth. Wrapped bunnies (like swaddled babies) are calm bunnies. But, it’s just too hot to do that to her.


Meanwhile, the hens have barely laid any eggs this summer. Their excuses are rainy dark days, heat, and old age. After providing only about two eggs a day from the whole lot of them (15 hens), they have now decided that it is time to stop laying for good and to go into molt. The first day of the molt there are so many feathers on the coop floor that I stop and count the hens to make sure that what I’m looking at isn’t a fox attack. Not to worry, they’re all there. But, what a mess!


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