The Life of a Chicken Celebrity

Like most authors, I’m thrilled to pieces to be invited to events to promote my writing. Libraries, bookstores and writers’ groups are all typical venues where we authors show up and hope to create word-of-mouth sales. I’ve gone to my fair share recently, and I’d like to think that it’s my brilliant writing that gets me the invites to these events, but I have to admit that my popularity lies elsewhere. I travel with Tillie, a celebrity chicken.

In all honesty, “Tillie” is one of three Bantam White Leghorns. I call them the “party girls.” They are always dressed to the nines in a white and red, and always personable. They look you in the eye and demand attention. Last night, it was Coco’s chance to have a night out on the town. Of the three, I knew she’d be most up for our most unusual outing yet – a Deviled Egg Cookoff at a bar in Somerville, MA.


Here we are at not the most glamorous of settings, but it sure was fun. By the time things got started, it was well past Coco’s bedtime. But, she meeted and greeted and charmed. 


This photo was taken early in the night, before about forty egg-lovers packed the bar. When it became noisy and crowded, I put Coco in her guinea pig crate on a table top, where she spent the rest of the evening having her photo taken. By 9 pm her eyes were drooping, the party was ending, and we headed home. 

We can’t wait for the next invitation.

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