I’ve joined Facebook. I didn’t want to, but in order to access a party invite, I had to join. I’m still not sure how I feel about it. A writer doesn’t need more, easy ways to procrastinate while sitting at one’s desk. And, I feel guiltily voyeuristic following the lives of people that I barely know. Still, it’s a casual, quicker way to communicate than my blog. I’ve got some fun events coming up this summer that I can announce on Facebook (heads up HenCam fans in Los Angeles, I’m headed your way and am planning a party!) 

I also feel a bit awkward posting on Facebook. It’s a culture that I’m not familiar with. It has rules. My teenage son informs me that unlike the word, google, that facebook is not a verb. So, although I can say, for example, that “I googled for directions,” that  when I am typing on Facebook, I’m not “Facebooking.” 

Still, I am registered. I check my page daily (and often more frequently) and I need friends. Anyone interested?

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