Betsy and Candy

I like to think that I have a peaceable kingdom in my backyard, but the truth is that each animal has its personality quirks, its likes and dislikes. They all know their place in the pecking order and generally, squabbles are just that – mild, outward grumpiness, a bit of huffing and puffing, and then all settles down again. However, some hold grudges.

I don’t know what Candy did to annoy Betsy. Maybe nothing. But, that little white hen has decided that the bunny is not her friend. Yesterday afternoon, when I entered the chicken run, all of the girls came over, hoping that I had something yummy for them. At the same time Candy was doing a leisurely hop-stop-hop along the fence making her way to the cool dirt of the compost area. Betsy started to head towards me, but then got a gleam in her eye, turned around abruptly and charged Candy. Then, what really astounded me, was that Betsy didn’t peck at the Candy (a quick peck is clear chicken language for “out of my way!”) but, she did something I’ve never seen a hen do before. Betsy barged into Candy – putting all of her (light) weight into her shoulder and knocking a very surprised bunny sideways. Satisfied, Betsy hurried back over to me, looking for treats.

Meanwhile, Candy shook herself, kicked out her hind legs with a shake, and then hopped about two feet away from the site of the altercation, and went in to her nothing bothers me zen-rabbit pose. A minute later, Betsy strolled by. They both ignored each other.

I wish I knew what that was all about!

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