What the Animals Do in the Heat

It’s 90 degrees F. today. (That’s 32 C.) It’s hot. There’s no breeze. Candy knows how to stay cool. She’s stretched out in the shady earth of the compost. By the way, she loves eating old, brown leaves, even when there are fresh greens around. I think she likes the crackly-crunch of them.


The chickens know how to stay cool. They’ve scratched up the dirt in the shade to the side of the coop. This morning all seven hens and Candy were in this one spot, but when I came out to take the photo, only Coco was there. She is a very pretty bird. And sensible.


On the other hand, Scooter is not so sensible. He is a heat-loving dog, sleep-the-day-away dog. His favorite thing to do is to stretch out on the porch step, in the full sun, and fry his brains. 


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