We had just sat down for dinner when my son jumped up and said, “Look!” This is the view from the dining room window to the backyard. 


Wild turkeys. Sorry that the picture is grainy, but it was dusk. These are big birds. They can be quite aggressive. Even my good dog Lily, who usually chases anything that moves, didn’t ask to go outside and tangle with them. I went out, waved my arms a bit, and they sauntered into the woods.

We sat back down at the table and my son once again jumped up and said, “Deer!”


This is a view from an upstairs window. That fence is where my flower bed is. To the left, out of view of this shot are my peach trees. I do NOT want deer in my backyard. Lily does chase deer. She scared them off. It was a pretty sight, them leaping, white tails flashing in the growing dusk. My athletic dog at full speed. Lily does her job and comes right back. 

Lily got a treat. We finished our dinner. There were probably other visitors at night, but we didn’t see them.

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