Marge or Petunia?

This is Marge:


This is Petunia:


They are both big brown hens. 

But they are easy to tell apart! All I have to do is close my eyes and listen. Marge is the noisy one. She is the most talkative hen I have ever known. In the morning, she’s the one complaining to be let out, right now! She’s the one to exclaim over tossed corn. She’s the one that watches me garden and asks, over and over, Where’s the bug? Give me the bug! 

Because Marge is so loud, when we did the photo shoot for Tillie Lays an Egg, I used Petunia for the photos. Marge was just too obnoxious.

There’s no sound on HenCam, but there are other ways to tell these two girls apart. Petunia is skinnier and taller. You could compare combs. But the easiest way is to look for who is moving her beak the most.

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