And The Winner Is….

Lory in Texas! The book will be given to her son’s elementary school library. 

Thanks to everyone who entered. I loved hearing from you. I wish that I could personally donate a book to each and every school and library out there. I also wish that I could read Tillie Lays an Egg to every child that you know. Not possible, of course. But, if you live in New England, I just might be coming to a school or bookstore near you. Keep an eye on my Appearances web page. I’ve just added an event at  the Toadstool Bookshop in Peterborough, NH, and I’m getting the final details on a signing in Westport, MA, which will be listed soon.

Meanwhile, the girls and I are enjoying this mid-winter thaw. Well, to be honest, it’s not exactly a thaw today. It’s still below freezing at 27 degrees. But it’s sunny! And, importantly for the chickens, not windy. They’re out and about and dreaming of warm dirt to dust bathe in. Right now, they’re making do with the shavings in the barn, which just isn’t the same at all. It’s like the difference between a locker room shower with a trickle of water and a bar of thin soap, and a luxurious bubble bath. 

My big dog, Lily, is so optimistic about the weather that she is insisting on curling up on her dog bed out on the porch. It’s cold out there, and she has a thin coat. But the bed is in the sun. You can see why she likes it so much. There’s a great view of the meadow across the way, and she can keep an eye on people walking, and trucks (especially those FedEx monsters,) while at the same time being near me – the porch is off of my office. lily-on-porch

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