It was -10 degrees Fahrenheit this morning (thats -23 Celsius!) The girls in the big barn are fine. The bunny isn’t fazed. But the party girls (the little white leghorns) looked cold. My husband hung a heat lamp. It’s causing quite a bit of consternation in the coop. Lulu, the adventuress, has no qualms about warming her head. It’s blocking their favorite nesting box, so Marge is looking into other accommodations, and is checking out the lower boxes. She’s fussing around in them as if they are totally new to the coop. Placid Buffy is taking a nap. Very little fazes her.

The heat lamp won’t stay. If it gets above zero, it’ll get taken out. I think it’s better to have their living areas one temp than to have a hot spot. But for now, the lamp will give the little girls just enough warmth to stay healthy.

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