Bunny ZZZs

Yesterday was warm and sunny. I decided to give Candy a treat of rutabaga tops, pulled fresh from my garden. Candy was in her hutch, where she likes to sun-bathe. Usually, even if Candy is relaxing, she looks up when I come near. Rabbits are prey animals. Even a confident and safe bunny like Candy stays on the alert. I stepped into the run and the hens all got excited and noisy. (Out? they said. Corn? Leftover spaghetti?) Candy didn’t move. Now I was concerned. She was lying on her side, all four feet and part of her belly showing. Not normal. Her legs and nose were twitching. Had she had a stroke? I called her name. No response! I tickled her nose with the rutabaga leaves. Her eyes squinted open. She jumped up, shook herself, and glared at me. I had woken her up from a very fine, deep nap and obviously good dreams. I apologized and showed her the rutabaga leaves. Oh! she said. I like to think that Candy forgave me. Certainly she ate all up the greens quickly enough.

Who knew that rabbits dream like dogs, legs running in imaginary adventures?

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