But Does She Lay Eggs?

A Hencam viewer sent me this pic this morning.

rabbit in hen nesting box

Speaking of characters… people tend to select the breed of chicken they want by looks and egg color. But, if you have backyard chickens you quickly learn that beauty goes beyond skin deep! Just like there’s more to the difference between a Great Dane and a Rat Terrier than size, there’s more to the difference between, say, an Orpington and a bantam White Leghorn than feather color. Breeds vary, among other things, by activity level, boldness, broodiness.

Then there are the individual animals in a class by themselves. I have 13 hens. Eight breeds. But, of all of the chickens only one ventures down the paved driveway. Only one explores the dark garage. Only one goes off into the woods by herself. Only one paces the fence-line at dusk when everyone else is settling in for the night. That one hen, of course, is Lulu, the Speckled Sussex. Would I want a barn full of Sussex? Heavens no! But I can’t imagine a flock without this character. Isn’t it true that sometimes the most troublesome pets are the most endearing?

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