Chicken Feet

My chickens spend a lot of time scratching in dirt, which gives their feet a natural pedicure. I’ve never thought about it much, until my husband noticed how long Buffy’s toenails were. So long that they were starting to curl. Buffy, as many of you know, has a mystery ailment that has weakened her legs so that she isn’t strong enough to scratch. The hard-packed sandy, gritty dirt of the yard has not been her emory board. So, yesterday, I got out the clippers that I use on my dogs (specially made for long round nails) and I trimmed Buffy’s toenails. It doesn’t hurt at all – as long as you avoid the quick where there is blood flow (usually the quick extends about halfway down the center of the nail.) However, I can’t say that Buffy enjoyed the attention like I do when I go to the spa for a pedicure!

Buffy is now standing more comfortably. Makes me appreciate how healthy my girls’ outdoor life is. I don’t want to imagine what a hen’s foot looks like if she can’t get outside.

(I took photos of her feet, but they were too out-of-focus to share. You try getting a picture of a wiggling chicken foot in which that toenail, and not the background, is in focus! I’m sure there’s a way, but I don’t feel like practicing!)

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