Who's Where and Why

Most everybody has been moved around, alliances formed, territory staked out, and dust baths taken. (Hey, could I make money at this? A new reality show? Survivor Chicken?) Snowball is in her private room at the spa, healing nicely. She appreciates not having to tackle other chickens to get to a melon rind.

Alma and LuLu have been put in with hens that do not doubt their own high status- Eleanor and the New Hampshire Reds, Marge and Petunia. LuLu is now on the bottom of the pecking order and behaving herself. Don’t you wish it were so easy with people? I hope it stays this way. If not, I’ve got a zero tolerance policy here and she’s gone.

My decision about the new flock compositions reads rather like one of my fourth grader’s math problems. Here are the rules:

  • Even with the reformed behavior of the two hens, I thought it best to separate them from the bantams.
  • The Australorps have to stay together. 
  • The NHReds stay together.
  • Edwina and Eleanor must be kept separate because together they gang up on others. 
  • Maizie and Perrie don’t care who they are cooped up with.

And so, you now see in the HenCam barn these girls: Eggers, Betsy Ross, Perrie, Maizie, Edwina, Ginger and Buffy. Read about them on the Hen Bios page.

BTW, whatever ailment Buffy has looks to be permanent and probably terminal. But, as you can tell, she doesn’t look pained or stressed, so I am leaving her be.

Now maybe I can get back to my normal schedule…

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