New View and Some Different Hens to Watch

Like dogs, breeds of chickens have different personalities. The Barred Rocks are voracious, tenacious eaters and can be pushy around other hens. Orpingtons are placid. I tell you this to explain why I’ve moved the chickens around again. Maizie and Eleanor were going after the bantams, so last night, I switched them to the flock with the big bossy girls, and moved Petunia and Marge back with the bantams. Petunia and Marge are New Hampshire Reds, which I call “basic brown hens.” They are plain, but very nice, talkative and friendly. And they don’t beat up on the smaller girls.

Meanwhile, the new camera is up and running (thanks Steve!) and the picture quality is gorgeous, don’t you think? We’ve been playing around with the view. I rather like it the way it is now – you get up close to the hens and you can even see Candy’s nose twitch.

Speaking of Candy, I know there are rabbit keepers watching this, and I need some advice. Candy’s ears are a bit threadbare and the skin is looking a tad raw. I’ve tried vaseline (which Candy told me was too messy) and vitamin E oil (too greasy, she said.) Any suggestions for a good rabbit skin cream? Perhaps something with a sunscreen because she likes to sunbathe? Because she licks her fur, I worry about her ingesting anything I put on her ears. Please email me. Thanks!

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