Almost in Bloom

We’ve had a glorious spring here in the Northeast. There’s been sharp clear, blue-skyed mornings for which one must wear a sweater out to the barn, and then by afternoon you’re so hot you switch to a tee-shirt, then, in the evening, when the gray tree frogs start singing, it cools off, but you can still eat dinner on the porch. The spring bulbs are past prime, and the peach tree’s blossoms have turned into little fuzzballs. But, most of what I grow is not quite ready. The pea tendrils haven’t reached the first strand of twine trellis. The peonies, those gala announcers of summer are about to burst.

peony bloom

Nicer than a photo of lice, isn’t it?

But, speaking of lice, it is interesting how the hens have infestations of various degrees. Who knows why the party girls and LuLu don’t have a one? Is LuLu too busy for the lice to jump on? I’ve spread diatomaceous earth in their favorite bathing spots, and I’ve used louse powder on the worst cases. It’s all under control and no longer affecting their health.

Snowball and Buffy updates: Snowball looks like she’s had a stroke. She’s twitchy and holding her wings unevenly. She acts addled. Still eating, drinking and sweet-natured. I have her in a stall with Buffy, who looks absolutely fine until she stands up. Then she wobbles and sits back down again. They enjoy each other’s company. I give them watermelon, which, being easy to eat and mostly water, keeps them hydrated. I don’t expect either of them to recover, but I can afford to keep them around and give them TLC.

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