Snowball Doesn't Lay an Egg…

…but everyone else does.

Despite the fact that one of our fifteen hens didn’t lay a single egg in the month of March, we collected 191 eggs last month! That’s about an egg every other day from each of the girls. That’s not productive enough for a farmer who has to make a living at it (have you seen the price of a bag of laying hen pellets lately?) but it’s plenty for me.

The truth is, I’d probably keep a whole flock of hens as “useless” as Snowball, because at this point I’m attached to having chickens in the backyard. I love how they look. I love their company. But, I sure am glad that the girls I have lay eggs. After all of this time keeping poultry, I haven’t gotten over the delight of collecting their eggs – it’s like getting presents everyday.

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