Chicken Love

People get chickens for all sorts of reasons. Gardeners who like to grow their own food see a backyard flock as an extension of their vegetable patch. Some think that a few chickens will teach their children about responsibility and where their food comes from. Others are serious about cooking with fresh eggs. Some simply think that chickens look fun to have.

We are a nation of pet lovers. We go on about our dogs as if they are children. We sleep nose-to-nose with cats on our pillows. But, very few people who get chickens do it out of love. Which is why, when we realize that we tell stories about our hens, just like we do about our puppies, when our kitchens have chicken motifs, and we have a growing collection of rooster pins,  and wear socks patterned with chicks, and friends greet us with “how are the girls?” (and they don’t mean our children) we are surprised as everyone else.

Yes, we’ve become smitten with our chickens. Head over heels in love. You can admit it. Go ahead.

So, on this Valentine’s day, buy something red for your girls – strawberries, tomatoes, red chard – you know what they like. You don’t even have to say the L word out loud. They know.

chicken valentine

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