In or Out?

When I looked outside this morning, I was surprised to see that none of the hens were outside in the run. Sure, there’s a new dusting of snow on the ground, but it’s not deep. Usually most of the girls go outside at first light.

I spread some hay on the ground, but still the girls decided to stay indoors. Candy is delighted to have fresh hay and the run to herself, and unlike me, she doesn’t worry a tad about why the hens aren’t milling around.

Sometimes chickens stay indoors because they’ve had a fright from predators, but I don’t think that’s it. They show no signs of stress. And Lily, my Rat Terrier/Border Collie mix who always lets me know when there’s an unwelcome animal in the backyard didn’t sniff the ground or put her hackles up, so I’m sure the hens slept well last night.

I am hoping that the girls are indoors because they are thinking about laying eggs. Indoors is where the nesting boxes are. Maybe “thinking” is too strong a word. Maybe they just have a sense that they should be doing something in there.

The eight hens in the HenCam barn are laying between one and three eggs a day. I don’t expect an egg a day – some of the girls are a few years old and slowing down – but four a day would be nice! I’ve got some custards I’d like to make…

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