Technical Difficulties

You’ve probably noticed that we’ve been haven’t been up and running here at HenCam (and if you haven’t noticed, then you’ve managed not to become addicted to watching the girls…yet.) We (actually it’s more “my husband” than “we”) go to great lengths to keep HenCam on the Web. There’s a very expensive dedicated line and all sorts of wires and equipment and software. Lately, my husband has been having conversations with people at Verizon (the phone company) and we’ve met several linemen, and he’s chatted with Covad folks out in Colorado. Anyway, not to bore you with it, but do understand that we live on a street that sees frequent phone outages. The repairmen come and shake their heads and say things like, “I’ve never seen a phone line that old,” or, simply, “squirrels.” We think the problem has been resolved and thanks for your patience.

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