Egg Coddler

I bought this kitchen item at a flea market, and had hopes of making beautiful daisy-like coddled eggs. A coddled egg is simply an egg that is cracked into a mold and set over simmering water. Rather like a hard-cooked egg (or soft-boiled) without the shell.  (Coddled eggs differ than poached, in that the poached are submerged in water.)

But I need help! This coddler was made in England by the Nutbrown Company. Perhaps one of my HenCam viewers in Great Britain is familiar with it? Am I missing a part? Is the hole in the handle there for a purpose – perhaps to suspend the coddler in the water? And how the heck do you grease it so that the egg slips out? I’ve used lots of butter, but it still sticks.

However, even without knowing exactly what I’m doing — isn’t it pretty?

egg coddler

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