News from the Rabbit Hutch

This morning I found an egg in Candy’s hutch. I’m sure it’s not hers. Whoever laid it sometime yesterday made a nice nest – the egg was securely at the bottom of a cozy hay bowl. I’m hoping that one of you HenCam viewers saw which hen did this. Perhaps Alma? Amazingly enough, Candy, inquisitive rabbit that she is, didn’t break the egg.

My fourteen year old son has to catch the school bus at 6:35 am (!) He leaves in the dreary half-dark. Yesterday, walking down the driveway in a drizzle, he heard loud banging and ringing. As you can imagine, he was startled. But then, he realized that it was Candy, in her hutch, playing with her toy.

Yes, rabbits, even rabbits that live outdoors and stay busy teasing chickens, like toys. I buy parrot toys – the ones with rawhide and wooden blocks – with a bell on the end. These are very safe, as they are made to withstand a parrot’s beak. It gives Candy something to chew on, and, as Daniel found out yesterday, something to make a racket with. Rabbits, despite their quiet reputation, like that.

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