Fried Food

I’m back from a conference in Dallas, with experiences enough to fill several blogs. Today’s blog will be about the food at the Texas State Fair, where the corn dog has been elevated to an art and where vendors vie to create the next best fried food. I was so overwhelmed by the fried food choices that I made a list. Here is a partial recap:

fried banana, fried pork chop on a stick, fried cheese, fried chicken, fried candy, fried peach cobbler, fried Coke, fried latte, fried cheesecake, fried ribs, and fried peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

I confess to avoiding all of the fried food. I had a very good bowl of beans with a side of cornbread and a classic, homemade sweet potato pie.

Unfortunately, it was beef day in the livestock barns and I missed the poultry show.  BUT the midway had a booth where every prize was a toy chicken! I won a chicken key chain.

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