I am not a toy dog person. I don’t like shivery, yappy little dogs, and I certainly don’t like to see tiny dogs used as fashion accessories. I look for athleticism and brains in my dog companions. So, I am a tad embarrassed to tell you that I happen to have the cutest little dog in the world.

Scooter looks to be a mix of Corgi, Chihuahua and some sort of rough-coated terrier. When I picked him out of the litter, I knew he’d be small, but not this small! At six months, he is just over nine pounds. He’ll max out around 12. I knew he’d have Corgi turned-out feet, but who knew he’d have comical bow legs? I noticed that his mom had an underbite, and at 5-weeks when I peered into Scooter’s mouth, it didn’t look perfect then, but I had no inkling that he’d have such a toy dog face with a jutting lower jaw.

Luckily, Scooter’s bark is as deep as a St. Bernard’s (he scares delivery men!), he’s got a terrier’s attitude, nothing fazes him, including my big, athletic, smart dog, Lily (who thinks that Scooter is the best toy I’ve ever brought her) and, best of all, Scooter cuddles with my kids (something that Lily doesn’t do). Everyone is ecstatic about this addition to our household. Surprisingly, even me.

Scooter the dog

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