Thank You

I started this blog about a year ago, and I’ve so enjoyed hearing from Hencam viewers. You’ve shared your enthusiasm for poultry, your humor (it’s a rare person who lives with chickens that doesn’t have a humorous take on life) and your questions. I’ve been told great stories about memorable hens. I’ve heard from people from Australia, Africa, Great Britain, Spain, Argentina, Canada, and the US (sorry if I left anyone out!).

But I have to tell you, that the concern and support  – and good humor – that I’ve received since telling you about the illness to strike my hens, has not only lifted my spirits, but I’ve learned a lot, and it has helped my girls. I’ve had people send me well wishes, and links to Web sites with the information I needed, and Buffy even got a get well card! (Hilarious – it’s a hen saying, “And no matter what, don’t let them tell you that soup will help.”)

The only hen that remains puffy-eyed is Snowball, and I think she’ll be fine by tomorrow. Her understudies, the beautiful Betsy Ross and Egger, were eagerly waiting in the wings (pun intended) to take Snowball’s place in this weekend’s photo shoot. But the young girls will have to wait their turns. Snowball remains the star.

After all of the stress of this week I’m off to an early bedtime. I’ll fill you in next week on what I’ve learned about mycoplasm gallisepticum and avian conjunctivitis.


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