Name That Hen!

Thank-you to everyone who wrote and suggested a name for my new Rhode Island Red. I had such fun reading your emails. Selecting a name was very difficult as there were so many good choices.

Several of you suggested the names of favorite redheads. I particularly liked “Lucy” for Lucille Ball, Brenda Starr and Red Henlton (for Red Skelton).

Then, there were the plant and flower names, such as Pansy, Fern and Rosemary. I think I shall name my next hen Philanthra, which means “lover of flowers” (is there a word which means lover of eating flowers?) I also liked the food names, especially Salsa, Brownie, and Miela (which means honey in Italian.)

Also in the running were the cheerful names, like Emily (who came with a delightful nickname – Emsy LuLu), Mitzi, Dixie, and Clarissa.

Many entries found inspiration in the state that this breed was developed. Rhoda and Rhodie were popular. One person suggested Buddy – for Buddy Cianci, the infamous, corrupt, RI politician now out of jail.

Rhode Island is a small state with delightful placenames, such as Tiverton, Bristol and Little Compton, all of which would make excellent names for a Rhode Island Red. The winner suggested the name of the third largest island off the coast of RI, Prudence. I love old-fashioned names for hens, and since this also had a Rhode Island connection, I couldn’t resist.

The winner hails from England and will be starting her own backyard flock soon. Congratulations Tory!

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