Eating Raw Eggs

Are you afraid of eating raw eggs? I’m not. Salmonella, and other serious food-bourne illnesses rarely occur, and when they do, it’s usually due to a food processing or food service mishandling problem. The eggs from my hens are clean, my girls are healthy, the eggs are fresh and I keep my kitchen scrupulously clean.

I had some friends over on Saturday and so I made chocolate mousse, adapted from a recipe from Green & Black’s Chocolate Recipes cookbook. This is mousse at its most basic. Take 5 ounces of the best dark chocolate you can find (Green & Black’s – an organic brand from England is perfect) and melt it in a double boiler with a stick of butter. Meanwhile, separate 3 eggs. When the chocolate is melted, take it off the heat and stir in the yolks. Whip the egg whites with a few tablespoons of sugar (I like the minimum of 3 tablespoons. Add more if you like things sweet). Fold the chocolate mixture into the RAW egg whites. Plop into a pretty serving bowl. Chill for a few hours.

Sorry that I don’t have a photo. It was eaten up before I could get one.

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