More Candy

A regular hencam viewer emailed me a funny story. Her 2 year old son likes watching the girls, but he really loves the rabbit. Well, right before lunch time, he starts asking for “more Candy.” Being a good mom, this viewer said no, they don’t eat candy before lunch. Being a typical 2 year old, the little boy quickly went into meltdown stage. Luckily, the mom finally realized that “more Candy” meant “more hencam” and so a full-out tantrum was avoided.

I sympathize with that child. There are times when I feel like a grumpy mood is going to overwhelm me, too, and that no one understands what I need. When that happens, I go out to the coop. The wonderful thing about the hens and the rabbit is that it doesn’t matter that they don’t know what I’m bummed out about  – they cheer me right up, anyway.

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