Here is Candy, in her zen, “I am a calm and immovable bunny” pose. Doesn’t she look peaceful and content? Do not be fooled. By settling down in the coop’s little doorway, she is causing quite a flap among the chickens – and I believe that she is fully aware of that! The hens just don’t know what to do about this animal in their way. Do they squeeze past? Act like she doesn’t exist? Fly over? The chickens have tried all of these options. All the while, Candy sits there, as if none of this ado is going on around her.

Snowball, brash little hen that she is, has the only effective solution. I’ve seen her go right up to Candy and peck her on the butt. Candy responds to that! She kicks out and hops off, her face as implacable as ever.

rabbit blocking the henhouse door

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