How Snowball Keeps Warm

It’s been really cold, single-digit cold, at night. The girls can handle it, though, like the wild birds, they fluff up their feathers and hunker down so that their legs are covered. Buffy, who had been bullied at her first home, sleeps by herself, but she has a glorious amount of Orpington feathers to insulate her, so she is fine. It takes a bit more to keep little, elegant Snowball warm – Snowball figures that it takes Marge and Petunia. Take a look at night, right before hencam turns off for the evening, and you’ll see that Snowball manages to get the prime roosting spot – right between the two big brown hens. In fact, she’s squeezes herself just about under them. It’s rather like having an extra feather duvet on your bed at night.

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