Weird Winter

I hear that those of you in Colorado are having SNOW. My cousin in Australia is taking her summer vacation in record heat. Here in the American Northeast we have had a very mild winter; no snow, below freezing only at night, and warming up during the day so that the kids go to school in jackets – no bundling them up to look like mini-Pillsbury doughboys.

The chickens are happy not to be cooped up by icy weather (bad pun intended). Although, I’m sure they’d be happier with some bright sunshine so that they could take a nice dust bath in a warm patch. (It’s been mild, but cloudy.) Still, it is winter and they aren’t laying. Last year, in the bitter cold, they did lay. I think that because they were younger, they still had it in them. There’s a reason that egg farmers don’t keep hens beyond two years!

I miss their eggs and hope that by February they’ll be laying again. By late winter I should have a few more young pullets, too. Hopefully a Silkie, and a couple of nice, big basic laying hens.

Happy Holidays to all.

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