Revised Chicken Keeping Web Page

Check out my Chicken Keeping Web page. I’ve reorganized the resources and links section and added a few more useful sites to peruse and fun things to look at. I’m on the lookout for chicken artists (not hens that paint — though that’d be really interesting!) — but artists who are inspired by chickens. Also, I’ve added a list of blogs about hens. I’ll keep the list small and well-curated. You’ll know it’s current and worth reading if it’s on my site. (Don’t you just get so annoyed clicking out-of-date links?)

On to henhouse news: Tweedledum is finally up and about. No telling how long she’ll take a break from broodiness, but it is so nice to see her silly self strutting around the yard.

The days are getting shorter and we’re getting fewer eggs. We’re down to finding about five to six eggs a day. Snowball, the slacker, stopped laying ages ago. But now the big girls are laying less frequently, too. Still, I’m hoping for a winter like last year when we continued to get enough eggs to feed my family. It helps that the henhouse windows face east and the roost gets sunlight early.

And finally, here’s another quote from The Biggle Poultry Book, this edition published in 1917: “The hen that sits on the roost or fence in zero weather, or stands on one leg in the snow all day, is not a winter layer.” I’m going to watch for that this winter!

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