Snowball Underfoot

Did anyone see me raking the yard and shoveling out the coop this morning on hencam? Did you notice a certain small white hen in the way? Kicking up dirt always interests chickens; they come over to see if I’m scratching up something good to eat. They soon lose interest, though, as it is obvious that there are no worms in their yard. Snowball, however, likes the action. And she likes being near me. Which makes it quite awkward to wield a rake and shovel. I’m not sure what interests Candy – she doesn’t want bugs, but she was also underfoot. I think it is simply rabbit curiosity. I complain about them being in the way, but isn’t it the critters with the strong personalities that become your favorites?

Meanwhile, this morning, Ginger and Eleanor had their own little drama. Ginger was in the girls’ favorite nesting box, the one on the bottom left. She was fluffed up and hunkered down. In comes Eleanor, who wants to lay an egg there, too, never mind that there are five other empty boxes to choose from. So she stands in front of Ginger and cackles in Ginger’s face. Ginger ignores her. Eleanor complains even louder, turns in a circle, stretches her neck up so that she is looking down at Ginger. Ginger ignores her. Finally, Eleanor gives up and settles into the middle box. And the two hens look as peaceful and content as laying hens do.

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