The Pleasure of Their Company

I get emails that begin like this:  “My husband thinks I’m crazy. I sit and watch the chickens.” And, “I work in a cubicle and the chickens are a little bit of pleasure in my day. They keep me calm.”

Isn’t it ironic how birds that are so busy and fussy, constantly moving, and squabbling amongst themselves, can be so calming? But it’s true. Having a bad day? Watch the chickens for awhile. Need to decompress after work? Sit with the hens. Need a good laugh? Visit with the girls.

I’m a dog person and I ride horses. I’ve been around animals all of my life. And I can tell you that hens provide a different sort of companionship than these other wonderful creatures. They are silly and comforting. What a delightful combination. Even if you have a small yard, you too can have these mental health boosters in your life. Forget the “chicken in every pot.” I say, let’s have three chickens in every yard!

Can’t get enough of chicken things? I’ve got a new listing on my Chicken Keeping Resources page. Chicken Artists. Fine art that features chickens. Would love to list more. Email me!

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