Summer Feasts

I like to think that I am a pretty good gardener. My veg garden is weed free. My flowers bloom. But when I went to the farmers’ market a half-mile up the street from me (a neighborly, rather informal gathering of mostly local backyard growers with excess from their gardens), I realized that my ping-pong ball sized cabbages paled in comparison to what is grown nearby (no excuses for me now about weather!). My lettuce is bolted and done; yet I was able to buy a perfect head for $1. I took solace in the fact that my carrots are looking quite good this year (I finally convinced myself to thin them — which really is important.) Still, I have enough in my garden to make a perfect summer meal.

Last night, I gathered what I had: a handful of purple beans, a dozen big Swiss chard leaves, a scallion, 2 carrots, 3 small tomatoes and one green pepper. I sauteed these veggies with a clove of garlic from a neighbor’s patch (if you haven’t had fresh garlic, you’re in for a pungent surprise!). Once wilted, I tossed this mixture in with browned spicy chicken sausage and some pasta. A bit of Parmesan cheese, and dinner was done. Perfect.

Where are the eggs, you ask? I had them for lunch in a potato salad (potatoes bought at the same farmers’ market). Oh, and there was a bit of leftover Chocolate Bread Pudding for dessert. (See my Farmstead Egg Cookbook, page 115. Easy. Luscious. Eggy.)

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