Backyard Poultry Magazine Giveaway

UPDATE: This contest is now closed. Katie Zack is the winner!

Sure, you can go on-line to search out the answers to your questions about poultry care, and yes, there are books, too. But, there is nothing so cozy and relaxing and indulgent as reading a magazine devoted to a topic that interests you. For us chicken people, there’s Backyard Poultry Magazine. Sit on a couch (and if you’re lucky, you’ll have a dog like Scooter curled up with you) and flip through. There might be an article on a breed of chicken you’d never heard of. Or an advertisement for just the heater you want to splurge on for your next batch of chicks.


I have a one-year’s subscription to Backyard Poultry Magazine to giveaway! If you already subscribe you’ll get an extension. This contest is only open to addresses in the US.


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I’m trying out a new contest format, which will give you multiple ways to enter. Let me know what you think of it. I’ll contact the winner via email. The winner will have two days to respond. If I don’t hear back, I’ll pick someone else. Good-luck!

For those of you on FaceBook, Backyard Poultry Magazine has a page to like.


  1. Thank you for hosting such a wonderful giveaway! I really enjoy your blog and have learned a lot about keeping chickens!

    • My stepson just sent me that video. It is wonderful. I love that we see him tape his aids on. I love that he is a person of color – too few are shown in the hearing loss literature.
      You’re right about Tonka, he’s wonderful all on his own, and what he represents makes him even better.

  2. I think I love Scooter, even though he’s not a Buff Orpington. (Can’t hold that against him.)

  3. I think I really like the goats best, they are so curious and they do the cutest things. Loved the Halloween costumes. Dianne

  4. Since they’re twins, I think I can say two—Pip and Caper. We had goats when I was a little girl; my oldest sister raised them for 4H and I was fascinated by them. The smallest of us used to try to ride the big Billy Goat, but we always ended up with a few new bruises… Still love goats!

  5. I am in my 3rd year raising a small backyard flock. My girls give me an enormous amount of satisfaction and enjoyment as I watch them peck around and all their other antics. Your blog is one of the most helpful I have found and I am glad you write it, as I turn to it often. Thank you very much.

  6. For the entry I have chosen Pearl. She reminds me of myself, kinda fluffy and a loner type gal. I think of her hating the extreme cold of winter and the heat of summer! Thanks for the contest Terry!

  7. I’ll choose Scooter. He’s similar in size and color to our little terrier mix, Maybelle. I also never thought I wanted a lapdog, but her size is really suited to our current apartment living. Also my husband completely fell in love with her at the animal shelter. :) Lapdogs are pretty great after all. Thank you for the giveaway!

  8. I love all your chickens. So I’ll say Twiggy because I love that name!

  9. Gosh..That is REALLY hard! I am starting to really warm up to Phoebe! I just love trying to find her on the camera!

  10. What?! Which is my favorite?! that’s impossible. But I will say that I get a huge kick out of the goats. Does that count? :)

  11. Etheldred – because she is a Speckled Sussex, one of my favorite breeds, and because she is named after a pioneering female scientist. These tough ladies are the subjects of some of my favorite works of historical fiction.

    • For some reason, she molted this winter. She’s got lots of new feathers coming in and should be quite splendiferous this spring!

    • I love seeing them all! I must pick the goat brothers though! After reading about Pip and Caper, and watching them, I purchased B.B. and Lee, and they are my favorites at home! Well, if I can say I have favorites?!!!
      Thanks to Heather for sharing the link to the Super Bowl commercial! I am so happy and proud of that young man who persevered and is living his dream!

  12. My favorite was TwinkyDink. She was so loyal to Buffy who needed her. I also thought the name was kinda unique and crazy. I will miss the ole girls. Thank God I still have hencam. One of my favorite pleasures here is all the pictures of? Everything! Great photography.

  13. I’m always glad to see Phoebe hopping around. We have our own bunny in with the chickens and HenCam has been a great resource in learning how to manage that. Thanks!

  14. I’m going with Misty. The day she flew to the top of the run and walked around on the netting hooked me. In my mind I think she was thinking, well it’s here, I want to, it’s an adventure… I’d like to be more like that.

    Terry, I love the day my magazine arrives. I do just what you do. Sit in my favorite chair with my Lulu by my side, bury myself in the magazine and forget the world exists for a while. I just which it was published more often.

  15. We are fairly new to having our own chickens. Learning as we go and would LOVE to have this magazine.

  16. Phoebe! I have dogs and cats and chickens at home… but I don’t have a bunny. She’s my virtual bunny!

  17. Betsy is my favorite, I guess because I feel bad for her being so left out. I also love her name (Betsy Ross) and her beautiful white color.

  18. It is so hard to pick a favorite! But if I must… I think Owly is a beautiful chicken! Her markings are absolutely stunning!

  19. I have to say Betsy Ross is my favorite now. I loved to watch her this past summer when she went broody and perched like a vulture on the roost as the other girls laid their eggs in the nesting boxes. She’s tiny but has a big personality!

  20. Do I have to choose between Pip and Caper? ‘Cause I love them both!!!!

  21. I love all of your animals, find your web site so helpful and look forward each day to your new posts. Your chickens are what drew me to your site, but I think my favorite is Tonka, I love your history with horses and how they have touched your life, I know the horses i have owed through out my life, and currently, have touched mine, and a have always enriched it. :-)

  22. Hooray! What a fun, useful giveaway. My husband teases me about how much time I put into online research! But I am loving learning about my lil flock! I can’t choose a favorite of your hens, although Betsy’s pluck is encouraging for me to see as I have a small white Polish who is often chased around by her bigger sisters!

  23. Terry, you’re absolutely right about how much more enjoyable it is to read a printed work instead of an article off a computer screen. With that in mind, is there any HenCam anthology or scrapbook in the works? I think about that when I use the HenCam archives as a reference (and I don’t even have hens yet!)

    (Rats, I wanted to recommend a book about goats, only I can’t find the correct title…I have the worst luck with library search engines! Published in the 1940’s, the title is something like “A Scrapbook of Goat Keeping”. The the focus is on raising goats for milk, not for pets/weed control, but still plenty of info on diet & disease, and written in a very casual, friendly tone)

  24. I would love to win a subscription, but if I don’t I can still curl up with my iPad an read your blog. :)

  25. Going by her stage name of Tillie, she’s got a special place in my heart because her story makes my grandkids so happy.

  26. Wow, this is a tough one!
    I would have to say Buffy. When looking at her I couldn’t help but see the face of an old woman. Such a reminder that although chickens are chickens and people are people, and considering all of the many ways in which we differ, in some ways we’re not that different. I believe that although we experience feelings in different ways, animals including chickens also grow old, understand trust, and appreciate knowledgeable care. Looking at her in sunshine reminded me of that.

  27. I think Amber is just gorgeous. Hope she wins me a free year of your magazine!!! :)

  28. It’s gotta be one of The Boys Pip OR Caper take your pick. I love to go visit the goats at our State Fair – they’re so curious about EVERYTHING but especially if you have something to eat (well?, DO YOU?) or if you can give them a scritch on their snoot. :-)

  29. I find all the chickens wonderful but I will pick “Misty” since we share the same name!

  30. I hold dearly the dearly departed, beautiful Lulu responsible for my initial HenCam addiction, way back when. Seeing her and the rest of the girls was (and is!) such a treat, every day. I still secretly thank Lulu for introducing me to one of the most interesting, entertaining, educational, and well written blogs online. Thank you, Terry.

  31. I just purchased a subscription but an extension would be GREAT! Thanks!

  32. I need to read more about eye worm. I have some chickens that their eyes get kind of bubbly/foamy.

  33. I love the 3 Speckled Sussex. They are so beautiful! It’s the breed I would like to have next.

  34. Backyard Poultry Magazine sent me, checking out your site, it looks great.

  35. I’ve got to say the chickens are my favorite, but who can ignore a bunny? Phoebe is adorable!

  36. I need all the useful info on chickens I can get….I have my first chickens and absorbing all info….luv to win ur magazine,

  37. I JUST signed up for a subscription and I can’t wait to get it in the mail! Here’s hoping!

  38. I might be partial to Betsy as one of the few (two?) remaining girls from the “olden days.” And who can resist a little white hen?

  39. I had chickens, but we moved and could not bring them with us. Thankfully, they are in a wonderful new home. I really miss my girls, but a have a new flock arriving the first week in April and am counting the days!

  40. How are we supposed to pick one??? I love your bunny…I am really close to adopting a bunny of my own to live in my chicken run with the girls. Thanks for doing what you do, I love reading your posts.

  41. I just love all the animals! So hard to choose, but I can’t wait until I can have my own chickens!

  42. I LOVE your website. I feel as if I can live through your adventures. I can only dream of having my own flock one day :)

  43. Oooh! I love Backyard Poultry! I used to subscribe and often wondered if my mail carrier got a chuckle out of delivering the mag to a NYC address. I started getting related catalogs as a result of my subscription for things such as tractors. That definitely made me laugh. My love of chickens has extended into my going vegan. If I can’t have them in my backyard at least I can support them. Thanks for the contest and all your wonderful posts Terry!

  44. Your animals are like children…there can no favorites. I love them all for their different attributes!

    The goats and their antics
    The beast for, well hanging in there!
    The ladies for all that they teach us about life and how to scratch around til you find something that looks good
    Scooter and Lily for their abundance of cuteness :)
    Phoebe for her oh so fuzzy coat and cute little wiggly nose
    and last but not least beautiful Tonka and the happiness that he has brought to you.

  45. What a great website! Of course, I just discovered it when it was nighttime so will have to wait till morning to see your critters. I love your gem names for your hens! Have you seen “Friendly Persuasion”? That’s where we got the idea for our Ruby, Pearl and Opal. Thanks for the chance for the subscription!

  46. Books ohh my to much to digest! On line who can you trust? Hen cam !!!

  47. I miss my favorite Buffy, but now that she’s gone… gotta go with Scooter. Phoebe and Betsy are tied for second!

  48. My favorite is Jasper. She is so beautiful and with such a sweet temperament. I am a sucker for the underdog, or in this case, the under chicken….such a trooper to allow the others to peck out her tail feathers but glad they the other girls haven’t drawn blood. My favorite chicken is Parsley and despite being the largest girl (Jersey Giant) is the lowest rank hen!

      • My beautiful Jersey Giant hen(April), has #1 position in my flock of 7 of all different breeds. She is a gentle leader, always has been able to get her point across without any fan-fair.

  49. For the contest: I’m going with a posthumous vote for Buffy. A buff orp showed me it was indeed possible to fall in love with a critter that isn’t a mammal, and Buffy was a credit to the breed. May I be as dignified and resilient in my dotage!

  50. All the chickens of course but we identified closest to Buffy.

  51. This will be my first year raising my own chickens! I’m pretty excited!

  52. I enjoy watching all the Little Pond animals but Twiggy is especially fun to watch when she goes up that rabbit hutch ramp and disappears into the hutch for awhile….to lay her egg no doubt. Oh please post a pic of her egg in Phoebe’s hutch…! I’m picturing the Cadbury Egg bunny commercials and Phoebe would say Bawk Bawk Bawk when she sees the egg in her hutch! =)

  53. Well, my all time favorite was Siouxsie. Miss seeing that funky chicken.

    • Misty doesn’t look so crazy but she sure has a crazy personality, so as much as I miss Siouxsie, I am equally entertained now :)

  54. I love your goats, Pip and Caper. I love to have a couple of my own; but, since I cannot, I enjoy hearing about yours. :-)

  55. Not nice to pick favorites and unfortunately mine have gone to the big coop in the sky but…Twinkydink and Tina. They remind me of my own chickens – 6 yr old Niblet (an Iowa Blue) and 8 yr old Romie, my precious White Crested Black Polish.

  56. All have great personalities but I have to go with Beatrix, what a name!

  57. I am a regular reader of your blog – in fact my husband teases me for leaving a tab open for you all the time! I never fail to learn something new and today was no exception. I have never heard of this magazine but would love to win a subscription! Thank you for being to willing to share your knowledge with the rest of us!

  58. How can you choose a favorite? I guess I’ll pick Beatrix because she reminds me of my Ameracauna that we named Lady Hawk. I love my chickens!

  59. I like Twiggy. I like her name, and she has inspired me to add a couple of leghorns to my layers.
    And, I like your little goat boys. I have goats too and I can relate to their doings and their expressions.

  60. Thank you for offering this magazine. I am thinking seriously about the pros and cons of raising chickens and this would certainly make for some interesting reading.

    Love your cams!

  61. I have learned soooo much from you! You are gold to me! Thank you for being on the web!! As for my favorite animals on the farm….that would be Pip and Caper. They have inspired me to think of gettin our own goats. God bless!

  62. I have learned so much from backyard poultry I would probably not have the wonderful flock I have if not for what I have learned from them.

  63. I love Agatha — such a beautiful chicken! Thank you for such a great contest, and thank you for all your funny anecdotes and helpful advice!

  64. I especially liked twinkydink…i thought her name was just so cute and it fit her very nicely :)

  65. Beatrix is so beautiful. I look forward to seeing her after her molt.

  66. I love the beautiful and loyal Lily. So hard to choose just one, though.

  67. Phoebe is my favorite :). I currently have dogs and chickens, but growing up I had a rabbit and they are such adorable and funny pets.

  68. Being from the Netherlands, I am partial to Onyx, but Beatrix is a close second!

  69. It is so hard to choose just one favorite. But I always enjoy the bunny adventures. So Phoebe it is!

  70. It would have to be Phoebe. I’m a bunny lover & I’m glad to see she’s loving her home after being adopted!


  72. I’d say Tonka is my favorite. I have a chicken (she’s a barred Modern Game bantam) named Tonka and I absolutely love black and white paint horses! But you are right, it’s a hard decision!!!

  73. I have only been raising laying hens over the past two years, so I am a newbie at this. It has proven to be a very rewarding experience. There is much to learn… As I watch your Hen cam there is only one hen in view and she is stating at the outbuilding outside the coop. Must be expecting someone to exit the building any moment :) Thank you for the opportunity to win a subscription to your magazine.

  74. i love backyard poultry magazine. so very interesting. i just cant afford it anymore because of the economy. i used to get this magazine and i loved every article!

  75. Just came in after freshening up the girls coop. Have lots of plans for Springtime. Trying to beat the cold winter blues. Hoping to add some more unique breeds this year and wondering what the girls will think if I brought home some ducklings :)

  76. I like Beatrix. We have the same breed “Americana” my husband loves the blue/green eggs and says they taste better than any of the other colors! Your kids “little clown goats” were a close tie.
    I always tell my kids and the 4-H kids to READ as much as they can and to get these magazines because they might learn something new. Keep up the GREAT work of this magazine.

  77. I like Tonka the horse. His markings remind me of Little Joe’s horse on Bonanza. I spent many days dreaming and wishing for a horse as beautiful as that one!

  78. Im going to say chickens because I will be getting them in march and I cant wait

  79. All chickens, have only 9 that I got this past summer and even w/bitter cold temps, i’m lovin them. Definetly alot to learn though.

  80. Chickens of course. I’ve had them for the past 8 years and I love them!

  81. Great giveaway and a wonderful magazine. I actually subscribed for a couple of years before I got chickens. The information in the magazine really helped me to decide that I could become a chicken keeper.

  82. I love misty… She decided she wanted to check everything out from a bird’s eye view (literally) when she got up on top of the run.

  83. I’d have to say that my favorite are the goats. If I ever get a bigger piece of property (ie. out of the city) I would like to get a couple of goats.

  84. While I have very much enjoyed watching the hens on the hencam, looking forward to my first flock of six this spring, and doing oodles and oodles of research on housing and care and breed selection, I have been very intrigued by Phoebe co-habitating with the hens so blissfully. I have never even thought of having a rabbit, especially living with my hens, but you have given me cause to research this unique living arrangement. I have learned so much from your blog, Pinterest, YouTube, multiple library books, and chats at the local feed stores for advice. Yet I know I have so much to learn to keep a flock as well as you for many years to come. I would love to have a free introduction to this widely respected magazine!! Thank you for this opportunity and for all you do to teach all generations about chicken-keeping. You inspire me!

  85. Have been reading on keeping chickens. Looking forward to get my first flock this spring.