A Morning’s Work

I’ve been busy. Thirty people are coming here tomorrow for pie. I worked all morning.

Sixteen cups of onions were sautéed down into golden sweetness.

They were put into a Shepherd’s Pie with a butternut squash (homegrown) topping.

I made a few other pies that can be done a day ahead.

This is the Chocolate Walnut Pie.

And here is the Cranberry Nut Tart (I made two.)

I still need to prebake the crust for the Lemon Meringue Pie, then that’s it for today. A good morning’s work.



  1. That’s a good week’s work! If it wasn’t snowing up here right now, I would crash your party. Do your friends know how lucky they are? They probably do.

    • The Chocolate Walnut comes out of “Pie” by Haedrich. A book worth owning, or at least checking out of the library.The Ginger Custard was also his, and was perfect.

  2. Thank you for sharing.Enjoyed seeing all the different types you have.You’ve inspired me to get more creative!

  3. OFF TOPIC POST – I received my calendars today, HOORAY! They are beautiful Terry. Again, thank you for doing this! The colors and clarity are amazing. Have a great Holiday Pie Party Terry. Thank you!

    • So did we receive our calendar this afternoon. Beautiful pieces and so funny that we can identify each precious animal.

      • Wendy and David Scott, won’t it be crazy when we show people and can name the animals! I love the calendar and I hope it will continue to be an annual item available for purchase!

        • I am SO pleased that you like them. I enjoyed doing it, and put a lot of effort into making the calendars look professional. Glad my critters will keep you company all year. Next year, the animals that didn’t get a month (the Beast, the dogs…) will need their own pages.

  4. They look delicious. Your guests and friends are certainly in for a treat. I am so looking forward to getting your cookbook and trying it out.

  5. Looks beautiful :) nothen like loven’ from the oven to warm a belly!!

  6. Hi Terry. Those pies look wonderful! At first I thought your onions were kraut. (I am brewing some at the moment.) If your pie crust tutorial is still online, could you please post a link? Being somewhat visually impaired, it’s easier for me to read on the computer (I enlarge everything) than in a book. If not, alas, I can and will gladly struggle with the printed page.

    I too received the calendar last weekend. Zazzle sent it in a strong BOX which I so appreciate because of our rough mail delivery. It’s beautiful, and at least one use is that I will keep our egg record in a corner of each square, before I can log it into the Taylor record sheet. I really do love your pictures. They will jog my memory as to what I have learned on your blog.

    Also I found one of your original cookbooks online at a Maine bookstore! That came too this weekend. I’m still going to get your new Wiley book. I do like that publisher and look forward to more of your recipes.

    • Ach, never mind about the pie crust link – in a rare moment of mental clarity I must’ve hit the SAVE button. I found it on my laptop!

  7. Uff da!! Those pies look fabulous! Makes me think I will make an apple pie this aft, just for fun.
    Enjoy your pie party!!

  8. That cranberry tart looks YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I had one to go with my turkey bone soup simmering on the stove.