Chicken Keeping Workshop

I’ll be giving a Backyard Chicken Keeping Workshop here at Little Pond Farm! It will be on July 30 from 2 to 4 pm.

(UPDATE: the class is full, but I’ll schedule another date if there is interest.)

You will get to meet my hens,

and their friends.

Some of their friends are grumpy. Don’t take it personally.

I will cover all of the basics – housing, feeding, and manure management. I’ll go over selecting and purchasing chickens and care of poultry of all ages.

You’ll learn about normal chicken behavior. (Yes, this is normal.)

And you’ll learn about messy bottoms.

You’ll get to tour my gardens, see the composting set-up and ask as many questions as you like!

You’ll even get to pick up a chicken and check for lice.

The fee is $20 and will include iced tea and cookies (homemade, of course!) Reserve your spot by emailing me. The class is limited to 15 people. Little Pond Farm is in Carlisle, MA, about 30 miles west of Boston. Can’t get here? Perhaps I can come to you. Can’t make this date? I’ll set another time if you can wrangle five more people to join you.

I hope to see you soon!


  1. oh man i would LOVE to. wish i lived in MA. this sounds like so much fun, and so CHEAP!

  2. A couple hours in paradise! Too bad I live in So. California!

  3. Or in Seattle. You need to see more of the beautiful West Coast. You need to have Steve tape it and post it or I’d pay $20.00 for a copy of the DVD.

  4. This would be wonderful if only you were in VA instead of MA, and it is cheap for a workshop !!!

  5. I would buy a DVD too!
    I’m in Maine, and I suppose I could make the trek. But I have a gardening business and I’m swamped during the summer. Darn it!!

  6. That picture of Candy is a must for Disapproving Rabbits! How far are you from NYC?

  7. I’d LOVE to come! Alas, I have to attend a wedding that day. I will be there in spirit, for sure!

    • As much as I’d love to see the girls (and goats), the idea of touring the famed Golson Gardens ;) appeals to me just as much! Darn wedding! :-)

  8. Oh, I would LOVE to come and bring my teenage children. What a treat to meet Candy and the others in person !! But, I will have to decline as Florida is just too far……please make a DVD !

  9. Can’t make it from California. I remember your posting about the pie party and I’m thinking if you offer pie, that could be more tempting than cookies:-) I LOVE PIE!

  10. I’d pay $20 (what’s that in REAL money? £13?) just to get into a staring contest with Candy!