Cochin Bottoms, Cochin Feet

This a rear view of a Cochin.

fluffy bottom

This view is why people like Cochins. Really, that fluffy bottom is irresistible.

The problem is, those feathers go all the way down to their feet.

Cochins are a soft-feathered breed; they lack hard outer feathers which keep other chickens sleek, shiny, and water repellent. However, a Cochin has such a thick, loose coat, that she stays quite warm in the winter. That is, if she doesn’t get wet. People who keep Cochins for show keep their stock indoors. I don’t. My Cochin, Pearl, goes right outside with her flock mates. She knows enough not to get soaked in pouring rain (unlike the Polish, but that’s another story.) However, she thinks nothing of walking around in mud.


I can tell when she’s been in the nesting box because the eggs have been brushed with dirt from her feathers.

Pearl doesn’t see what the problem is.

Pearl looking

Cochins are placid, beautiful hens. But, they’re not prolific layers, they are often broody, and they get overheated easily. And, those feathered feet are a mess. But, I do like having one in my flock.



  1. Cochins are awesome and are my fav breed. Glad my Polish aren’t the only ones who don’t know enough to come in out of the rain! Can’t count how many times I’ve sat with a Polish hen in my lap and hair dryer in hand, gently dryin’ ’em out yet AGAIN…silly chickens. :)

  2. What a pretty face too. I love her eyes. I may think about getting two (do you need two?) after I build my new coop. So excited now it’s warmed up a little.

    • They claim it’ll be fifty-nine degrees next week, wow. We’ve had honeybees in the feed bowl too. I’m going to start seeding egg cartons for the girl’s veggie garden. Hope that’s the last of the snow for you; you should have gotten your seed catalog at least-yeah.

  3. Question. I’m new to the Chicken World. I’m getting 7 pullets in mid May. Do I needed ti clip their wings upon arrival? Someone said I would have to cut their nails to. Is that true?

    • Bantams can fly up rather high, but standard pullets don’t. However, they do learn to leap from one thing to another. I don’t clip wings. Best is to have good fencing that’s high enough to keep them in! Hens keep their nails worn down by scratching in the ground.

  4. Poor Pearl’s feathers, too bad you can’t put boot on her feet to keep the feathers dry. Has Pearl or your two broody Buffy Oprhington’s shown any sign’s yet of being broody ? I know Betsy is probably to old know to be a mother even if she did go broody again in time for the chicks to arrive.

  5. Pearl really is a gorgeous animal, but as my grandmother said, “Pride must suffer.”

  6. That sure is a fancy girl! Her bottom is so pretty, it looks like rows of ruffles, she would win best dressed at the chicken ball, she sure has some funny feet!

  7. I think I remember your trimming Tina and Siouxsie’s topknots to keep them from getting sodden in rain and snow. Could you do that with Pearl’s legs and feet to help with the mud problem or would that have adverse side effects?

    • I do trim the Polish top knots. I’ve trimmed Pearl’s feet feathers, too. You have to be careful, as blood does run partway down the shaft. So, trimming doesn’t do that much good. The feathers can’t be cut all the way off.

  8. Cochins are beautiful! There are sooo many interesting breeds! This week I purchased 2 each of Cuckoo Marans, Salmon Faverolles, Speckled Sussex,and Ameraucanas. I also have 2 silkie Bantams! Spring is here!
    Enjoyed checking in on your last skype yesterday. From your expressions, you were having an “eggs-a-lent” time!

    • I’ve heard marvelous reports about the Faverolles, a breed I’ve never kept. Let me know how you like them.

  9. I began my first real “chicken keeping”, as an adult, one year ago. I have been a wanna be farmer since I was a child, having pets of all kinds! My “Fab Five”, as I call my first 5 pullets, were: 1 Faverolle, 1 Ameraucana, 1 Welsummer, 1 Plymouth Barred Rock, and 1 Buff Orpington. They must have been a great selection, because I am hooked! They all get along, and when they are loose, and I walk outside and call them, they come running like little puppie dogs! “Francine Faverolle, from France”, is the sweetest little light weight chicken you could ever meet! She is a croucher, and does that little body shake, letting you pick her up, anytime you want to, but surprisingly is never picked on, even with my second hatching of pullets, or guineas! Her eggs are a little small, but she is a pretty good layer, at least the first go around. When she runs, it is hilarious, she looks like she has little pantaloons on! You should get at least one, Terry!

  10. No, Pearl simply does not see what is wrong. What a fluffy bottom. :)

  11. I agree- Pearl has a beautiful and expressive face. And it’s so neat that the feathers in the center of her tail (if that makes sense) are a bunch of curlicues!

  12. I thought you were joking about the first photo being the back end if a hen. But then I looked closely. She is beautiful.

  13. Beautiful chicken I can add them to my want list which is getting quite long. Still home this morning we got over a foot of snow here in taunton area. How much snow your way terry?

    • Yes, it seems that the weather reports underestimated the snowfall. High winds, too, which is why the goats’ door is shut. My son went to school today! It’s going to be a long bus ride home.

  14. She is a real pleasure to watch- the chicken version of a society lady in a rustling silk gown (ala Merchant Ivory).