Valentine Greetings

Come February, in grade school, I eagerly looked forward to making a “mailbox” in my classroom, and having it fill up with Valentine’s Day cards. It’s not that I have any good memories (not a one!) of receiving a special valentine from a special friend. I don’t have any bad school Valentine’s Day memories, either. I never had expectations of a crush tucking a valentine into the box with the others from my classmates. Nope, it’s simple. They’re cute. As cute as can be. The colors are bright and optimistic. They’re silly and happy. And the puns! Awful!

When my sons were younger, I’d pore over their bags of valentines, but now they’re too old to get a card from each classmate. So, I’ve been collecting vintage valentine cards. With a chicken theme, of course. Here are a few of my favorites, from me, to you, with Valentine’s Day love.




  1. I love vintage cards! Now, most of them are the “cartoon” of the day and not very original. That 3rd one of yours-a little sinister-love me back or I’m locking you up !!Happy Valentine’s !!

  2. We have to hope and think that all cards are works of art in time and thoughts no matter how or whom they were sent. Thanks for sharing these precious examples of vintage cards. Happy Valentines Day to you and your “mailbox” surprises.

  3. Thanks again for the trip down memory lane. I don’t know how old I was but I can remember sitting at the kitchen table with my box of Valentines sorting them out and “agonizing” over what card to give what girl. Needed to give just the right one to the ones I had boyhood crushes on and which ones to the girls I didn’t want them to “read” too much into the card.

  4. Your vintage cards are sweet and funny. I don’t have any memories of Valentines cards at school… I don’t recall ever knowing it was Valentines day until I was much older.

    The snow’s still on the ground here, it won’t be freezing but it certainly won’t be warm enough to have romantic lunch sitting outdoors… like it was one year in the mid 1990s. Last Friday night was the coldest I’ve ever experienced in the UK, -16C.


  5. I loved making the mailbox too. We had to attach it to the back of our chair and then put our heads down on our desk and a table at a time would drop in the valentines. I loved the ones that had conversation hearts tucked in. Happy Valentine’s Day to you, Terry!

  6. I remember seeing the Valentine’s mailbox thing when watching ‘Charlie Brown’ cartoons, and later on ‘The Simpsons’; but schools here didn’t really do it. Perhaps they do now? I can’t recall friends children ever mentioning it.

  7. How cute! Thanks for sharing. Happy Valentines Day to you all. I am being kept busy by by my new 8 week old red merle Aussie puppy – any tips for teaching him to cope with my chickens?! They have not been introduced yet – or ever!!!!

    • Ah, a herding breed! Yes, teach very early (now!) that being quiet and still near the chooks brings lots and lots of rewards. Don’t try too much too soon. Go as far away as you have to so that your pup can see the hens but isn’t excited. Reward for calm. Keep apart (first fence, then leash) so there are no mistakes. Smart breed. Have fun!

  8. I love your vintage cards. They are so innocent and sweet.
    I wish you and your loved ones a very HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY ~ everyday!