Hencam Technical Difficulties

When you have a Web Cam running from your chicken coop, figuring out technical glitches isn’t as easy as looking in a manual. We’ve been experiencing intermittent stoppages of the signal. This morning, my IT guy (and wonderful husband) Steve, went out to the coop in the middle of a blowing, raining, Nor’Easter to announce that he’s solved the problem. Well, at least figured it out. The problem is Candy. She found the only exposed wire in the entire backyard area and did what bunnies love to do – she chewed through it. The fix will require a bit of rewiring and a new, metal conduit. It’s not going to happen today. Take a look at the weather out there!

Compared to that bunny, the new puppy, Scooter, is no trouble at all. He’s got the best, sweetest, temperament.

Scooter the puppy

Scooter the puppy with a ball

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