Pip and Caper are Here!

Pip and Caper, eight-week old Mini-Nigerian Dairy Goats, arrived yesterday. Marty drove them down from Village Haven Farm in northern Maine. They settled right into their new stall. Perky, curious and totally adorable. I sat down with them.


Caper is getting a scratch on the neck. He likes that. He’s the more forward of the two. Pip, the one with the caramel splotches, is a tad shyer. But I think he’s going to be the one who gets into more mischief!


Give goats a shelf, a ledge, a manger to squeeze into, and they will.


Caper is checking out the goatcam.com camera. It should be working in a few days.

Meanwhile, I am training Lily Dog to be calm around the goats. This involves patience, lots of little hot dog pieces, and a training tool called a clicker. And, I’m spending a lot of time sitting in the stall with the boys. Wouldn’t you?

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